Furniture rental

Sell a home, not a space

Do you have a property to rent or sell? And you want it to look as attractive as possible? Make use of the BANQA Homestaging program: We furnish your property with high quality furniture, based on a custom-made interior plan that is designed to showcase the full potential of your property. We don’t just put some random furniture in your property, we make viewers fall in love with your house.


We provide the furniture on a rental basis, making BANQA Homestaging a low-risk and at the same time low-cost option. 

If the buyer or tenant wishes to buy the property including its furniture, we will deduct the furniture rental price from the total sales price.


Contact us for more information on BANQA Furniture Rental and let’s sell your property together.

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Whether in photographs, online or during a viewing, a well-presented property instantly attracts greater interest and ultimately sells faster.

Higher price

Home staging costs usually less than reducing the selling price. For a relatively small investment, you agree a greater chance of achieving a higher price for your home. 


And if your clients would like to buy the house furnished it can be even for free. It couldn’t be easier!

Do you have an unfurnished house for sale?


Do you want to sell your house quickly and for the best price?


Contact us for our home staging concept.


We will furnish and decorate your house!

  • We will visit your place and together we make a plan
  • You can rent our furniture
  • We will furnish and decorate the house
  • If the furniture is sold with the house, we will pay you back the rent!
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Interested in homestaging?

Get in touch with us, we will visit your home and we will make an offer without commitment on you part!

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